We make wedding videos for real people

We're in the time machine business. We create vehicles that can transport you back to one, specific day in your love story. That day, you looked better, loved stronger, and were supported more than you thought was possible. But it happened. And we want to create the proof. Call me biased, but I say it would be a shame not to immortalize it in moving pictures. We delight in sharing it with you and giving you a keepsake that allows you to go back to that moment and feel that way again for the rest of your lives. As you and your loved ones grow and change and move, you'll want that time machine. And for us, it's an honor to be the people who can give you that ability to go back. 


Oh Keely!!!!!!!
I just burst into sobbing tears :) You have blessed us sosososososo deeply with this.
— Lorae and Brent

Who we are.

I'm Keely. I'm a filmmaker, a photographer and I happen be a big ol' softie when it comes to a good love story.

I started Fortuna Films out of a desire to make a career out of making people happy. I believe that being an artist is privilege, and to earn it, you've got to use you've got to help other people. What I've got is a camera, a computer, and the wherewithal to use them.

These wedding films are my humble offerings.